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Upcoming New Flavor For 2021 

Jagung Latte

Corn milk is definitely one of the star beverage that win heart of all ages. If you love the flavor and taste of corn, this will be the next level of experience.

Ruby Lime

We made our Ruby Lime recipe a little heavier on the rose compared to lime. This enables the fragrance of the rose remain and yet the taste of lime creating soothing sensation when drinking. 

Kurma Latte

A smooth and milky dates beverage. Made from natural dates extract and non dairy creamer. No added colourings.

Our Products

Best Seller

Fusion Berry Tea

A delightful blend of black tea and mixed of sweet & sour berries that creates an aromatic and delicate taste. Bursting with the mouth-watering flavour of berries!

Best Seller

Honeydew Latte

Honeydew melons, the sweetest of all melons. rich and sweet taste of milky and light honeydew melon taste.

Best Seller

Lemon Tea

Our R&D expertly blend zesty lemon juice with organic black tea for an iced tea experience like no other. To the right balance between tea and lemon

Best Seller

Peach Tea

It's the outstanding on-the-go refresher. We adds zesty Peach flavor to its classic iced black tea blend for an exceptional iced tea taste.

Best Seller

Passion Fruit Tea

Exotic, sweet passionfruit infuses the golden taste of high quality black tea extracts for a glass of summer passion.

Best Seller

Lychee Tea

A refreshing Lychee black tea blend that can be enjoyed either warm or iced, and that pairs well with spicy and savory food.

Best Seller

Mango Tea  (Not available at the moment)

To create our Mango tea, we've taken the most natural, sweet flavour and scent of mango then blend into our black tea base.

Best Seller

Mango Latte (Not available at the moment)

Creamy and refreshing, this mango latte recipe made with ripe, fresh mango and milk is a real joy to drink

Best Seller


Enjoy crisp, refreshing limeade. Made with not-from-concentrate lime juice, Simply limeade offers the perfect balance of sweetness and tartness.

Best Seller

Original Yogurt Drink

Our original flavoured yogurt drink will elevates your taste bud with its creamy taste and smooth texture. Delivious boost of probiotics in your daily diet.

Best Seller

Mango Yogurt

Tropical mango chunks mixed with low-fat yogurt creates an amazingly delicious and healthy mango yogurt drink.

Best Seller

Strawberry Yogurt

This fragrant and refreshing strawberry mixed with yogurt resulted best beach drink. Cooling down your hot day!

Best Seller

Everest Ice Tea

Sweet and minty black tea. Taste of cooling sensation and refreshing. best pair with spicy delicacies

Best Seller

Apple Juice

It’s red apple juice , one of the most popular fruit juices. Take a sip , but then keep coming back for the taste because it’s so refershing and tasty

Best Seller

Apple Tea

There’s nothing quite like a classic. Bright and flavorful, this apple flavored ice tea will complement your day with a delicious , lip smacking sensation.

Best Seller

Banana Soymilk

A silky smooth delightful banana flavoured milk made with organic whole soybeans. Instead of cows’ milk , we use soybeans with packed full of nutrients.

Best Seller

Jasmine Tea

Brewed from premium tea leaves, sweetened with real cane sugar for a delicious fresh- brewed taste. Punch with aromatic fragrant of tea leav es.