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Most Sought After Instant Cold Drinks For HORECA Outlets

Suitable for Restaurant, Cafe and Hotel

We at Beveco has been serving and supplying drinks to the HORECA businesses. We know that the food and beverages outlets need quality and prompt delivery. Those are our top priorities.

Easy Preparation

Our beverage mix is an innovative product that perfected the formula to create delicious, well-balanced beverages. It is also easy to prepare by adding water, mix well and ready to be served. You can serve it as it is or can be creative and add on fruits or combine it with syrups to make it more distinctive. Our products are Halal certified.

Top FIVE special formulated cold drinks are:-


Beveco Ice Lemon Tea

Iced Lemon Tea

Our R&D expertly blend zesty lemon juice with natural black tea for an iced tea experience like no other. Getting the right balance between tea and lemon and yet not too sweet is the key to it being the favourite.

Beveco Ice Apple Tea

Iced Apple Tea

There’s nothing quite like a classic. Bright and flavorful, this apple flavoured iced tea will complement your day with a delicious, lip-smacking sensation.

Beveco Ice Peach Tea

Iced Peach Tea

It's the excellent on-the-go refresher. We add zesty peach flavour to black tea blend for an exceptional iced tea taste. Enjoy this drink on a hot day.

Beveco Limeade

Iced Limeade

This refreshing homemade limeade is an excellent alternative to lemonade. It uses fresh limes and sugar to make it the best limeade recipe around!

Beveco Honeydew Drink

Honeydew Latte

Honeydew fruit, the sweetest of all melons. It is creamy, soft and milky. Honeydew is one of the favourite drink after a hearty meal as it also likes a desert.

Benefits of using Beveco Special Formula Instant Cold Drinks

  1. The stock does not need to be kept cold; hence it saves the precious chiller space for other food items.
  2. It also has a long shelf life, up to 1.5 years.
  3. Utmost convenience needs to add water to the fruit juice concentrate to produce a volume of juices needed.
  4. It helps you to drastically reduce wastages and in the process help to cut down on cost as you prepare the drinks based on demand.