Instant Beverage Ice Tea

Beveco beverage mix is the perfect way to create delicious, well balanced beverages- just add water and serve iced.

ice lemon tea powder

Iced Lemon Tea

Our R&D expertly blend zesty lemon juice with organic black tea for an iced tea experience like no other. To the right balance between tea and lemon

Apple tea instant powder drink

Iced Apple Tea

There’s nothing quite like a classic. Bright and flavorful, this apple flavored iced tea will complement your day with a delicious, lip smacking sensation.

peach tea instant powder

Iced Peach Tea

It's the outstanding on-the-go refresher. We adds zesty Peach flavor to its classic iced black tea blend for an exceptional iced tea taste.

Limeade instant powder mix

Iced Limeade

This refreshing homemade limeade is a great alternative to lemonade. It uses fresh limes and sugar to make it the best limeade recipe around! Enjoy this drink on a hot day.

Honeydew instant powder drink

Honeydew Latte

Honeydew melons, the sweetest of all melons. rich and sweet taste of milky and light honeydew melon taste.

More convenient, More Space , More Profit

> It does not require to be stored in the chiller, hence your precious chiller space will not be taken up.
> It also has long shelf life, up to 1.5 years.
> Utmost convenience just needs to add water to the fruit juice concentrate to produce a volume of juices needed.
> Drastically reduce wastages and in the process help to cut down on cost.
> Free on loan machines is available for customers that can commit on a minimum quantity usage.