Beveco fruit juice concentrate is special formula made from condensed extracted juices. In other words, our juices have real juice content and not the regular sugar flavoured syrup in the market.

At this point in time, we have 6 types of fruit juices in our Beveco Juice range. They are orange with pulp, blackcurrant, mango, lychee,  calamansi kasturi lime, and strawberry. It has a high content of the fresh juice. One of our best sellers is orange with pulp concentrateOrange with pulp fresh concentrate is the first in the market that contained pulp. It gives customers the distinct fresh taste of orange juice. At the same time to prepare the juice all that requires is to add drinking water. Besides the awesome taste, our orange with pulp juice also has high vitamin C content*."

Free on loan machines is available for customers that can commit on a minimum quantity usage.

Pulpy Orange

Orange Juice with pulp provides delicious citrus goodness and gives you that fresh whole fruit taste you love with bits of juicy pulp.


Savor the bold taste of simply strawberry, a juice that captures the very essence of ripe and fresh strawberry, refreshing sweetness of everyone’s favourite fruit.


It has a unique sweet, admirable taste with a half level acidic. We've captured all their tasty goodness in our drinks so you can enjoy the taste of the exotic!


Get your taste buds tingling with this sweet, creamy, mangolicious flavour that will keep you coming back for more.

Kasturi Lime

A cross between a lime and a tangerine. The flavor profile leans toward sour with a bit of sweetness. Try it cold and refreshing, warm like tea, or as an incredible mixer.


The deep-purple colour and intense flavour of blackcurrant concentrate makes it popular for use in beverages, both on its own and combined with other fruits.

More convenient, More Space , More Profit

> It does not require to be stored in the chiller, hence your precious chiller space will not be taken up.
> It also has long shelf life, up to 1.5 years.
> Utmost convenience just needs to add water to the fruit juice concentrate to produce a volume of juices needed.
> Drastically reduce wastages and in the process help to cut down on cost.
> Free on loan machines is available for customers that can commit on a minimum quantity usage.