HISTORY of Iberital Group in making commercial coffee espresso machine

Iberital Group has a 40 years of history in the commercial coffee espresso machine industry with presence in more than 60 countries. Their long history providing components for coffee machines has given them the knowledge and understanding those machines’ mechanical problems and the needs of their owners, they’ve gained the experience to make Iberital the ideal tool for any barista. More than 70% of Iberital’s renevue derive from export and its penetration in new markets is ever expanding. Understanding every section of the machine and listening to every customer is the secret to create machines that work not as machines, but as tools.

Iberital group

Iberital IB7 | Smart and stylish design for any space

Coffee, a product as richly textured as it is complex to prepare. The IB7 is designed with intention to make the perfect coffee in a limited space. A machine with a compact design that retains the durability and robustness that fits perfectly into your cafe. The IB7’s design embodies the vision of a classic 20th century espresso machine and combines this image with advanced model built from durable materials and stainless steel panels. The IB7 offers a unique experience that fuses ergonomics with smart design.

Available IB7 Esprresso Machine Models

IB7 Single Group & IB7 Double Group Coffee Machine

ib7 single group commercial coffee espresso machine
ib7 two group commercial coffee espresso machine


Boiler Capacity:
1GR 6L / 2GR 10,5L 
Heating element:
1GR 1.800W / 2GR 3.000W 
Stainless steel steam pipes.
Anti-splash hot water outlet.
Automatic boiler fill.
Heating element protector device.
Work area L.E.D lighting.
Internal motor and pump.

Iberital IB7 1GR: 445mm (Length) x 508mm (Depth) x 460mm (Height)
Iberital IB7 2GR: 695mm (Length) x 508mm (Depth) x 460mm (Height)

Iberital IB7 1GR: 37 Kg
Iberital IB7 2GR: 61 Kg


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