Countertop Coffee Vending Machine for Office Pantry Or Cafe Available For Leasing

Selection Of Coffee Vending Machine

Our coffee vending machine is the countertop type that dispenses coffee. It has no coin acceptor. The vending machine utilizes 3 in 1 instant coffee powder mixed with hot water.

These machines are typically sought after by the employer, whereby the company furnishes the beverage to employees free of charge. It is also widely used by F&B operators for self-service coffee dispensing at outlets.

You can choose up to three different hot beverages mix depending on machine model. Lately, green tea latte instant mix has become a very popular trend. Please visit our beverage mix page to check out what are the selections available.

No Coin Acceptor

Our coffee vending machines are NOT fitted with a payment receiver to accept bills, credit cards or coins.

Coffee Vending Machine For Rentals

We provide the coffee machine rental scheme for our customers in Klang Valley, Malaysia. It is available for short-term rents such as the wedding, exhibition or temporary placement for ad hoc projects.

Just a side note, we also have a bean to cup coffee machine model that dispense fresh-brew coffee. It grinds the coffee using build-in coffee grinders, steam milk and extracts espresso at a touch of a button.

Monaco 3SCoffee Vending Machine

Monaco 3S
Dimension (mm): 280 x 480 x 600(h)
Canister: 3
Power: 2800 watt
Volts: 220v~240v
Colour: Black
Nett Weight: 22kg
Water Supply: Direct or Barrel


Countertop Coffee Vending Machine

DF 109 (Made in Korea)
Dimension (mm): 270(w) x 420 (l) x 620 (h)
Canister: 3
Power: 1850 watt
Volts: 220v~240v
Colour: Black
Nett Weight: 31kg
Water Supply: Built-in water tank

The Benefits Of Having A Coffee Vending Machine:

  1. Self Service – Simple to operate by beginners, therefore, is often utilized in a self-service setting F&B outlets.
  2. Many choices of drink – Vending equipment can provide many coffee alternatives, mainly include hot chocolate, cappuccino, tea latte, mocha, soybeans green tea latte and so on.
  3. Portable – Piping is optional – the Vending machine can be functional by using a pump system. It is very portable and convenient should you like to move the device to another venue.
  4. Robust – Vending machines can operate throughout the day. You just need to refill the instant beverage powder.
  5. Quick – Vending can dispense an 8oz in a 20-second mark. Hence you can disperse a long line reasonably fast.


By Using Vending Machine To Dispense Hot Drinks, It Eliminate The Inconsistency Of Workers In Beverages Preparation.