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Coffee Roasting Machine That Provides Fresh Roasted Coffee Supplies To Your Cafe On Demand

By having a coffee roasting machine in your cafe enable you to roast the coffee bean fresh. Doing self-roasting of coffee beans is almost a must in Italy gourmet coffee cafe.

Drinking coffee every morning is already a ritual for many people. Customers seek to have a cup of coffee to awaken their sense and prepare them for the work ahead. If you could bring the intensity of freshness to a whole new level, you will have patrons lining up at your cafe.

Espresso from the fresh roast bean is so different, it has so much more crema. Crema is the layer of creamy tan froth that forms on the top of a freshly made espresso.

Coffee crema from fresh roast bean
Fresh brew coffee

The shortcoming of large-scale production of roasted coffee

This phenomenon has brought in the mass production of roasted coffee. This massive production has one problem, the roasted coffee beans become stale very fast. It sacrifices quality over quantity. Hence the industries started to employ packaging technology such as vacuum packing, nitrogen flushed and so on to prolong the freshness. Their focus is on marketing, packaging, and shelf-life.

According to a master roaster, a coffee connoisseur, Asher Yaron, of famous TED speech, the focus should be on freshness and immediate consumption instead. He mentioned that once coffee roasted it will cause losses it vitality and most of its goodness in about a week timeframe even though the aroma may stay longer.

Harvesting And Storing Coffee Bean

Coffee beans are seeds inside the coffee cherry on the tree. When the seeds are separated from the fruits and properly dried, they can store for a very long time up to years. However, roasted beans it has a short lifespan and should be drunk within a week for the optimum amount of goodness.

Many people focused their efforts on upgrading my coffee making equipment, thinking that was the answer. Seldom it occurs to them that the state of the roasted coffee they used made the difference.

Therefore, he advocates that we should roast our beans.

Coffee Cherry on tree
Freshly Roasted Coffee Bean

The benefits of freshly roasted coffee beans.

As soon as the first sip, you will notice the difference. Freshly roasted arabica coffee enhances our ability to focus our thoughts and attention.
It energizes the life force within us so that we can operate efficiently, effectively, and powerfully.

During roasting, the bean transforms from their dried, green state to freshly roasted state. There are up to hundreds of chemical reactions taking place, that has pharmacological properties that benefit our health.

Many of these chemicals have essential antioxidants that protect our cell from being damaged by free radicals.

In short, the freshly roasted coffee bean is a superfood. These health benefits are only possible if we consume the roasted coffee bean when it is still fresh.

You do not need to take my word for it, don’t listen to what any experts are saying. You must try it out for yourself, and come to your conclusions.

DIY Coffee Roasting

For DIY coffee roasting, all you need is heat and experience.

You can use a tin roasting pan. Many native coffee cultures around the world roast their coffee like this. Once you tried the freshly cooked beans, you will know that it plays the prominent role in getting the essence from coffee.

For the experience, it is like making popcorn. First, you heat up the seeds, then stir until they smoke and start popping or cracking. When you hear the second crack sound, you turn off the heat and begin the cooling process.

It takes a little practice to know when to turn off the heat. If you can make popcorn without burning it, then you can roast coffee. After the coffee is cooked and cooled, it needs to go through a resting period. Let the beans to rest several hours, even though they’ve cool down.

In the beginning, you get some seeds roasted very dark, some very light. Nevertheless, you will still like the smell and the aroma of the freshly roasted coffee beans.

A commercial coffee roasting machine can cost up to RM20,000 to RM60,000 depending on size.

Introducing a robust coffee roaster GLASTER, that every cafe can afford.

Coffee Roasting Machine

Instead of you exploring household items like a popcorn maker, heat gun or hairdryer, we have designed a roaster from the ground up.

Our coffee roaster is small, portable, affordable and energy-efficient. It is in our mission to make it accessible for the cafe owner to adopt it so that freshly roasted coffee is available for everyone to enjoy. The cafe that takes this method will see their business profit increase tremendously as cafe patron will notice what a freshly brewed coffee taste so different and intense that they never experienced before.

GLASTER produces an excellent result for DIY coffee roasting.

  • Build in ventilation
  • Heat transfer evenly and effectively to the coffee bean
  • Easy to clean
  • Besides coffee bean, it also can roast almond, peanuts, and any other seeds.
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