Coffee Machine Rental Service That Event Organizer Loved

Lately, we receive many requests for us to provide coffee machine rental service for business events, exhibitions, and even weddings.

Hence we devise an excellent package to suit your needs and requirements at a competitive price. If you are planning to serve beverages such as coffee, tea or hot chocolate at your event check us out.

Coffee Machine Rental For Wedding Events
Coffee Machine Rental With Server in KL
Alicafe Coffee Vending Machine Rental With Servers in PJ

What our service package consists of:-

  1. Coffee machine for rental on a daily or yearly basis.
  2. All the supplies needed, i.e., RO water, sugar sachets, creamer, milk, instant beverages (white coffee, hot chocolate, tea latte and so on).
  3. Waiter or waitress to serve coffee to your guest should you need an extra helping hand.
  4. The possibility to create a complete coffee solution specifically tailored to your requirements.

The Event Coffee Rental Service Area

We service the area of Klang Valley. Kuala Lumpur, Petaling Jaya, Shah Alam, Klang are among other areas. 

Types of coffee machine rental or hire purchase that is available.

​Clients choose from 3 types of coffee makers which are the coffee vending machine, automatic espresso machine, or filter coffee pour-over machine. These are ideal for meetings with busy offices, events or exhibitions.

Automatic bean to cup coffee machine specialty is brewing a strong aromatic coffee from freshly roasted beans. 

Besides espresso, it can also produce cappuccino and latte with fresh milk with a touch of a button. The coffee machine is robust for long hour operation.

See a video of the Davanzo 907 Bean To Cup Coffee Machine here or view it in our showroom:

Coffee Machine Rental Malaysia Bean To Cup
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Nescafe type of coffee vending machine is available too. These machines are suitable as it eliminates unnecessary packaging.

The coffee vending machine can dispense beverage drink tailor to your requirements such as cup size (6oz to 10oz) and taste (25g-40g). We offer multiple choices of coffee and other 3-in-1 beverages from the brand of Alicafe and our house brand of Davanzo.  

Alicafe: Ah Huat White Coffee, Tongkat Ali Coffee, Original Alicafe, Oligo Chocolate and Teh Tarik.

Davanzo: Green Tea Latte, Teh Tarik, White Coffee Classic, etc

Filter Coffee Pot brewed black coffee from freshly ground coffee beans into a pot and kept it warm in its build in warmer. It can hold up to 2 pots (2 liters each) at one time. You can serve the black coffee to your guests with sachet creamer and sugar.

Top Benefits Of Coffee Machine Rental Service

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    Makes Best Quality Affordable. The specialty coffee machine offers the highest dollar-to-value ratio of the coffee machine. For example, you can enjoy a cup of strong Arabica black coffee from coffee bean from RM1.50. 
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    As an attraction to your booth. Imagine you are visiting an exhibition in a hall that has many similar company booths. Suddenly you breathe an aromatic coffee smell lingering in the air.After walking sometimes, you are tired, and your instinct will prompt you to walk towards the origin of the coffee aroma. And when you reached the booth, the friendly booth exhibitors staffs offer you a cup of fresh brew cup of coffee and invite you to visit their booth.
    Will you agree to that?
    Most of the time, the potential clients will agree to it as it is our innate nature to return the favour.
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    More productive workforce. Research has shown that office staff that had access to coffee or hot beverages are more alert and productive. 
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    Renting a Coffee Machine is Tax Deductible. Rental payments excluding the GST portion are usually tax deductible when renting a coffee machine. Of course, the coffee machine must be used for business purposes. Most noteworthy the GST on monthly payments is claimed through your business activity statement. 

What is the cost of rental deals on coffee machines for office or events?​​

For rental of coffee maker, the commitment fees are from RM110 to RM300 + GST. It is based on the type of coffee maker that you choose.

We also have long-term lease whereby at the of the contract the possession of the coffee machine is transfer to you. In short, you ultimately owned the machine.

To know more about coffee machine rental for office or events

Call us on 013-2202288. You can also visit our office in Petaling Jaya (by appointment only)