Review of bean to cup coffee machine for home & commercial use

By having one of this bean to cup coffee maker on your countertop, it is like having your barista with no tip jar, no line to stand in and most of all no attitude!

Super-automatics espresso machines, for the most part, are similar in how they brew. When choosing a coffee maker, you’ll want to pay attention to these questions.

1. Is it a super automatic coffee machine?

Every super-automatic machine grinds the fresh coffee beans, tamps and compresses the ground beans and then pushes hot water through the ground beans under pressure and out comes the espresso or crema-coffee. All these by pressing a button. Super automatic coffee machines are also known as bean to cup coffee machine.

2. Does it produce crema-coffee or cafe-crema?

Cafe crema is the term for the layer of froth found on the surface of a shot during the espresso’s pressure brewing process. It is formed when air bubbles mixed with coffee’s soluble oil.

Crema is a flavorful, aromatic, and helps give espresso a fuller flavor and longer aftertaste than drip coffee. For coffee lovers, one sip of the crema-coffee and they’ll be convinced to drop the drip forever.

3. Is the brew group detachable?

Brew group is the heart of an automatic espresso machine. Here is where pressure brewing takes place after ground coffee is compressed.

The brew group drops the used coffee puck into a dredge drawer after brewing is complete

The brew group is removable on most machines and should be rinsed once a week or so in the sink with tap water.

There are a few machines which the brew group is not removable. To keep the brew group clean on these machines, we will need to clean with the assistance of a cleaning tablet being run through the machine after a certain number of brewing cycles.  Hence this will add up to the maintenance cost.

4. Does it do auto milk frothing with one touch button?

If a machine named as one-touch, it means it can make milk-based drinks like a latte, and cappuccino at one touch of a single button and without moving your cup. Milk is steamed or frothed automatically and delivered to your cup along with espresso.

There are other machines which use a separate spout to steam and froth milk. However, this requires the user to move the cup between spouts for milk and espresso extraction.

Most auto-frothing machines have an external milk source drawn from the carton of milk to attachable carafes which can be stored in the refrigerator via a simple tube.

Auto-frothing machines can produce frothed milk for a cappuccino and steamed milk for a latte.

However, some automatic coffee makers produce just one kind of froth. Meanwhile, others have an additional built-in functionality to allow a user to vary the density of the froth by controlling the amount of air injected into milk.

As for coffee machines that don’t have auto-frothing will have a steam wand to steam milk for a latte and froth for a cappuccino.

5. What type of grinder employed?

In a bean to cup system, you’re brewing from just ground beans from the machine’s grinder. There are a few different type of grinder such as metallic burr grinder up to more premium grinder using ceramic.

Ceramics are considered the best as they generate less heat when grinding leaving more flavor in the coffee. You’ll also have control of grind fineness going finer for espresso and courser for long coffees.

6. Does it have a bypass doser?

Almost all machines will have a bypass doser. They allow the use of pre-ground coffee. If you have guests over and they prefer a decaf, this is handy.

7. Where is the water tank located?

You would want to have the water reservoir from the side of the machine so that you to tell how much water is in them at a glance. Some coffee machines required the cover to be removed to see the water level.

8. What type of display and programmability it has?

There are wide variations in how and what items can be programmed. You’ll find machines with full-color screens and excellent control over every aspect of the brewing process.

9. Does the bean to cup coffee machine has an active cup warmer?

Not all coffee machines have cup warmers.  There are two systems of warmers which are active and passive.

An active cup warmer uses a dedicated heating component to warm cups. On the other hand, passive systems use residual internal heat and take longer to work.

Introducing Davanzo 907 -a robust and reliable heavy-duty bean to cup super automatic coffee machine

Davanzo 907, a coffee machine distributed by Beveco, has some cool factors that set it apart to be a robust and reliable machine that produces quality coffee.

  • Super automatic machine
  • Produce crema-coffee
  • Water reservoir at the side
  • Has an active Cup warmer
  • Programmable coffee maker with LCD
  • Has bypass doser
  • Used premium ceramic grinder
  • Auto milk frothing with one touch button
  • Detachable brew group.

Technical Data

Water Tank 2.0 L
Pump Pressure 19 bar Italy ULKA Pump
Bean Container 500g
Dreg drawer capacity 100 pcs
Power 1250W
Voltage 220 – 240V
Boiler 2
Size 57*34.5*44 cm
Operation & Display LCD Display
Heavy Duty
Milk Cooler Included

Installation Requirements

No direct piping is required. Just need standard power point and supply of filtered water.


Recommended to professional outlets that want to serve Italian style coffees such as restaurants, coffee bars, bistros, offices.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is the machine robust so that it mostly can run all day?
  2. Does this machine allow for the use of fresh milk?
  3. Does the machine use freshly ground coffee beans?
  4. Do you sell coffee beans?
    Yes. We use Arabica beans blend with dark roast
  5. What type of beverages can the machine produce?
    Espresso, Long Black, Café Latte, Cappuccino and Hot Milk
  6. Do you offer maintenance for the machine?
  7. If so, what are the general rates for service call outs?
    We will do descaling, washing, and cleaning of the machine. Kindly contact us for a quotation.
  8. What are the schedule and approximate costs for preventative maintenance services?
    Recommended every 3 to 6 months.
  9. What is the warranty duration and what does it cover?
    We give warranty on coffee machine component (excludes wear and tear) for one year on spare parts only. Transportation charges and labor charges are applicable.
Bean to cup Coffee maker
Bean to cup coffee machine
Bean to cup Coffee maker

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