About Us

Our Story

We started the business in 2007 as a trading partnership to market and distribute soy drinks products to the individual retail convenience store The business was incredibly slow to take off.

Even after a couple of months, we could never grow it past about break-even point. Eventually, we stopped what we are doing and said something like “Ugh. Let’s just stop this foolishness of trying to take on the big boys. We are hammered right and left by competition on lower pricing due to their ability to move huge volume.

In fact, we decided to just call it a day and be done with it. At the very last possible moment, we decided to hold off. We had a distinct feeling that we had just dodged a bullet. As it would turn out, Beveco Beverage would eventually become a viable and thriving business.

So, we spent the next year focused on adding value to the F&B business community and hospitality industries. We supply our beverage products and provide suitable equipment like drink dispenser, chiller, and coffee makers on loan or rental basis. Not only that we also provide the machines we also provide the crucial service and maintenance.

Sales were coming through and we upgraded our business to Beveco Sdn Bhd to better serves our clients. Overall our company is a vibrant, growing and expanding, always looking forward to new opportunity and developing new simplified products with the objective of quick-serve to customers. We are working hard towards maintaining our good company records, customer services and towards achieving our set targets and goals.

In-house Delivery Team

Fleet of our own commercial trucks and vans.

Technical Service Team

Our dedicated team to assist on any dispenser breakdown.

Wide Variety of Beverages

Plenty of beverage choices satisfying the needs of customers.

Our Specialties

Beveco beverage is best known for its innovative, convenient and delicious drinks such as the fruit juice, yogurt and coffee powder series. We also provide reliable vending machine and equipment.

We produce and market our own brand of juices concentrate and coffee bean under the brand of Beveco and Davanzo. At the same time we can also supply the beverage products under your brand should you have such needs. We only use high-quality ingredients that fulfilled the food safety requirement in our production.

We can adjust and produce the taste of the beverage at your liking!
OEM product at large batches with your own branding
HALAL Certified

Our Vision

To be a leading beverage provider to food and beverage operators

Our Mission

To provide convenience to f&b outlets such as hotel, restaurants and canteens with our range of beverages